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Tournament Rules

Team Captain Registration

Team Captains register below or via the shop page. If you use the shop page you can register and pay at the same time.

Teams will register on Battlefy. Please read details below.

Who can play?

This tournament is open to anyone currently residing in Bermuda or Bermudian citizens overseas only.


Trios Battle Royale

Dates and Times

Preliminary rounds will be played on May 30th at 12PM Bermuda time.

Semi-Finals and Finals will be played on June 13th.

Price $15

Use PayPal Express for Guest Checkout. Tutorial Below.




Winning Team – $50 Game Card for each team member

$50 Rustico Gift Card for each team member of the winning team

Runner Up – $25 Game Card for each team member


Each Team must only consist of 3 members. ONE (1) Member of that team will be required to stream your matches.

Point based system. You Get 1 Point per elimination for each game. There will be no points given for placement, only kills.

  1. Please be respectful to your host and other participants. If any malicious behavior is reported, you will be removed from the tournament.
  2. Each Team will hop into a Trios Battle Royale match and play their games out to try and secure as many kills as possible
  3. Each Round will have Time Limit of 1 Hour in which you can play as many games possible to secure as high a point score as possible
  4. After the 1 hour time limit, players will be required to provide a screenshot of their best 2 rounds within that time limit
  5. Each screenshot will require a “tag” which will be given on the tournament day that will act as a “time and day stamp” for the tournament
  6. Total number of team Eliminations will be totaled between the two games and the team with the highest score advance to the next bracket round
In case of a Tie teams will be required to play a third game and provide a screenshot of that match.
  1. At Least one team member MUST be streaming at the time of the event for verification and Commentating purposes per tournament round.
  2. If any referees approach a team and ask them to verify their scores, we can always go back to the stream and check the VOD, so please ensure that VODs are enabled.
Battlefy Team Registration

Our CoD Warzone Tournament will be hosted on Battlefy. Please follow this link: Battlefy | bermuda-esports. There you’ll be able to see tournament participants, brackets and more.

  1. After registration and payment has been confirmed, you will get a confirmation email with 3 Join Codes, allowing your team to sign up for the tournament via Battlefy.
Battlefy Tournament Check In

If a team checks in on Tournament day and they do not have their registered members available for each round, they can only play with the remaining registered players (ie. 2/3 of the players and use their total points). They can play NO FILL Trios match in this instance.

Team Captains are responsible for checking in their Team on Tournament day

Team Captains are responsible for checking in their Team before Tournament matches

If a team fails to check in at the time of their match (10 min grace period), they will be disqualified from their round.

Questions or concerns?

If any teams have any questions or concerns, they can ask to speak to a referee using the official Bermuda eSports Discord and ask to speak to a referee or the Battlefy chat system.