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Bermuda eSports League

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FIFA Tournament Format

16 Player Single Elimination Bracket

FIFA Tournament Rules

  • Players can choose whichever team that they wish. Player who scores the most goals between the two players, advance to the next round. 
  • In the result of a tie during normal match time, the players will go to overtime. If this still results in a tie, players will go to Penalty shoot out to decide who advances to the next round.

Fortnite Duos Format

“Duo Duals” Elimination Bracket

Fortnite Duos Tournament Rules

Players will sign up for this tournament as a Duo (Two Players per team) and will compete against another Duo team in a Squad Match by racing to score the most eliminations against the other Duo team within the match. After the matches, the Duo will the highest TOTAL Eliminations between both players, wins.

How Does Fortnite Duos Work?

  • Before the round begins, Teams will setup a SQUADS lobby and invite their opponent.
  • Matches will be Best of 2, most eliminations out of the combined two games advance to the next round.


All games are to be played on the “North American East” server. Any players caught playing on other servers will be held accountable and will most likely lead to disqualification from the tournament.


  • Teaming is allowed; however, players cannot directly cause the death of their opponents or “sabotage” opponents in game.
  • All rulings are final and will be made at the discretion of Bermuda eSports League staff.

Examples of “sabotage” include but are not limited to:

  • Breaking or weakening opponent’s built or non-built structures or cover by any means. IE: breaking an opponent’s ramp which causes them to fall to their death.
  • Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form. IE: Standing in front of Opponent when they are shooting.
  • Building in front of your opponent to prevent the opponent from shooting at their target.
  • Using the “Carrying mechanic” on your opponent to prevent a revive is prohibited. Only teammates can carry their Duo partner within a match.
  • If any player or team are caught doing such actions, it will be investigated and can be subject to disqualification of the accused team. Any questions or concerns regarding such rules should be brought up to the Bermuda Esports League Staff before the match to avoid any confusion during game play.

Respawn Vans & Player Cards:

  • Players can use the respawn vans! If they do not have their teammates revive card, they cannot use the respawn van.
  • In the event of a person’s player card being glitched into the map, the opposing team will have to determine if they wish to replay the map or not when it occurs. If a team’s opponent does not wish to replay, the match results will stand.